Energy policy




Scilla Meccanica Srl considers energy saving, energy efficiency and the improvement of overall energy performance as fundamental targets to be pursued to improve the environmental sustainability of processes, competitiveness and corporate image.

As a result of these aspects and in line with the issues of contrast to the Global Warming phenomenon, the company management has decided to implement an Energy management System.

In order to achieve the stated objectives, Scilla Meccanica Srl undertakes to:

  • take on and strengthen their awareness of the importance of an efficient and correct use of energy resources;

  • ensure that its Energy Management System is in line with the scale and type of its uses and energy consumption;

  • constant monitoring of the energy consumption of process in order to enhance indicators useful for projects and improvement actions in terms of energy efficiency;

  • progressively improve business performance related to energy use. Considering energy consumption as a key factor in the new processes and installations designs;

  • improve, within techno-economic feasibility limits, the energy performance of existing buildings.

  • apply the best technologies and the most suitable materials, in terms of reducing consumption, for new buildings or for extraordinary maintenance of existing buildings;

  • give priority, where technically and economically possible, to the use of alternative and renewable energy sources;

  • ensure full compliance with the mandatory provisions applicable to its energy aspects;

  • require the best possible energy standards from material, service and plant suppliers;

  • ensure that machines, systems and management solutions soon to be acquired, built or commissioned are highly energy efficient and are in line with the best available technology (BAT) in the reference sector;

  • role and function, in order to make them responsible and oriented towards procedures, habits and behaviors aimed at more efficient energy management.

To implement the above, the company management is particularly committed to:

  • set up a work team, called “Energy Team”, made up of subjects able to influence, by titles, roles and skills, the company’s analysis and guidelines on energy issue;
  • ensure the availability of information, skills and technical-management knowledge;
  • ensure the regular review of the system and compliance with the time schedule for planned improvement actions;
  • ensure the availability of both necessary and appropriate human, economic and technological resources;

The policy of the “Energy Management System” is the main document of the System providing objectives, targets and improvement plans, procedures and operational instructions.


Ghedi (Bs), 07.01.2020

Ancilla Bezzi
General manager

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